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Exselo Desktop 2.3

A desktop tool that allows users to collaborate, search and share data in real time using encrypted peer-to-peer technology.

A desktop search tool that allows users to collaborate, search and share data in real time using encrypted p2p technology.

Exselo Desktop is a powerful desktop search product that enables you to find information on your computer quicker than any other tools. Exselo Desktop can index all type of files; locally, on cloud-drives (like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) and from your network drives. It is easily accessible on your computer, and gives you full freedom on how to find your files, and can store your searches as your own search profiles for future use.

Another powerful feature of Exselo Desktop, is the creation of a secure information network with contents that has previously not been easily accessible. Every device with Exselo Desktop installed enables its user to choose content to share with other Exselo Desktop users. When two or more Exselo Desktop users have connected through our invite mechanism, they can search each others devices and communicate over a secure peer-to-peer connection. This establishes multiple secure information networks consisting of personal or locally stored data from its users; information that is not otherwise available through any other channels. The power of each network reflects the number of users invited and the volume and quality of the content shared. "A content network for users, by users".

Features like:

Private peer-to-peer search networks.

Sharing of information and files securely through your own network.

Distributed search through shared indexes.

Blazing fast search through file and data content.

Easy to use interface.

Choose between different result views to better display your result sets.

Save your searches in your own search profiles.

Index your local files.

Index your cloud drives.

Index your network shares.

Real time secure messaging.

Invite your friends and colleagues to your information network.

Exselo Desktop


Exselo Desktop 2.3

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